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Ride Health has become an indispensable tool for healthcare providers across the nation and across the continuum of care. From urban academic medical centers to community hospitals to community - based FQHCs and medical practices, the Ride Health solution helps patients access routine primary care and behavioral health / substance abuse treatment; adhere to recurring specialty care including chemotherapy and radiation therapy, dialysis, and cardiac and cognitive rehabilitation; and get home safely after a hospital stay or emergency department visit.

With Ride Health, healthcare providers are experiencing reductions in appointment no - shows and late cancellations, improved rates of on - time inpatient and ED discharge, improved patient experience and satisfaction, and improved compliance and engagement with care.

health plans

Ride Health is a trusted partner for health plans and care management organizations -- from Medicaid Managed Care plans to Medicare Advantage plans, and from Special Needs Plans to Managed Long Term Care plans -- who want to improve member experience and improve their operational performance. Health plans across the industry are realizing the value of bringing transportation coordination “in house” with Ride Health, using their own member services and care coordination personnel.

With Ride Health, health plans can experience reduced transportation services cost, improved member experience and satisfaction, improved member compliance with care, reduced cost through bringing ride coordination in-house instead of using a broker, reduced member grievance through faster incident response and resolution, improved accountability through an additional layer of ride oversight and quality assurance, and immediate access to comprehensive ride-level data on cost / quality / satisfaction.

transportation providers

Ride Health partners with medical transportation providers across the spectrum: on-demand ride-sharing services, wheelchair-accessible vehicles with drivers who are trained to help patients door-to-door or door-through-door, stretcher vans for patients who must lie flat, and ambulances with Basic Life Support and Advanced Life Support.

Ride Health chooses its transportation partners carefully and maintains industry-leading due diligence and quality assurance practices. If you are a medical transportation provider looking to expand your business and provide high-quality, timely and courteous service to our patients, please contact us.


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